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Welcome to the website of the Living Field the Institute's outreach project on biology and environmental science. Follow the links to discover the garden, the study base, online education, events and the science pages including the 5000 years project. The Living Field is based in farmland by the Tay estuary in Scotland.

What's new

Bees in the garden Since May we've been recording the best plants for bees in the garden. Photographs at the link above.

Tay Estuary Forum Check the People and Projects page to find more about how you can contribute to the TEF.

Natural fibres - page now viewable at the 5000 years project - flax, nettle, hemp, jute; wool, hair and silk.

Transformations New on the People and Projects page - artist Jean Duncan's designs for theatre.


Quick links 

The Living Field CD can be played online or downloaded for educational use.

Contact: Gladys Wright