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[Introductory text for the oils page - in preparation]

The oils panel above: four images to the left, from top left clockwise, mature sunflower head, oilseed rape seed treated for sowing, groundnut (peanut) shells, olive trees; vertical image right of centre, part of abyssinian mustard Crambe abyssinica seed branch grown in the Living Field garden, shown as negative image; right upper, light through cold pressed rapeseed, grown in Scotland; right lower, cooking oils based on olive (all images Living Field collection).

  • background 
  • main points
  • species
  • the past - oils in the maritime croplands  
  • the present
  • prospects
  • sources, references, links

 [text in preparation - January 2012]


Photographs above show, left clockwise, sunflowers in a field, heavy mature head, arrangement of florets on a head, field and tree; in Umbria Italy (by Squire, GR and KM) except bottom right (Living Field).

[remaining text in preparation - January 2012]


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