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Dundee Astronomical Society

The Dundee Astronomical Society (DAS) relocated their observatory to the Living Field garden a couple of years ago. They hosted astronomy nights in the garden until a storm damaged the observatory. DAS hopes to reconvene meetings over the winter.

The web site gives information on all their activities.

2013 Open Farm Sunday 9 June

Ken Kennedy, Phil Rourke and Tony Hayes from DAS were with us at Open Farm Sunday this year. Ken Kennedy, Director of Observations, writes:

"All three of us enjoyed the Open Farm Sunday and, as you saw, we had a great deal of interest from the visitors. The time flew and I didn't realise it was nearly 4pm as I hadn't even looked at my watch for hours. Great to see the enthusiasm, and often remarkable knowledge of the youngsters. Many of them were really absorbed by the information they were being given and often added their own questions."

Ken offered the following images from his correspondents of noctilucent cloud (NLC) and aurora borealis saying they are "some of the best I have received this year".  Images are labelled with the observer's name and date and time, and are provided for non-commercial purposes.


A photograph of noctilucent cloud ...


and another ....



Ken adds... "This really looks as if it will be a bumper year for noctilucent clouds with more reports having been sent to me at this point in the season than for quite a number of years. From the latest data, it looks as if the temperature in the mesosphere is at a 'normal' level for this time in the season but the water vapour concentration looks quite high this year and may be contributing to the bright display which we are having."


And a photograph of the aurora borealis ....



and another ...



With thanks to Ken Kennedy of DAS and the original photographers. Please respect their request that the images are given for non-commercial use.

To find out more about the phenomena of high altitude NLCs, check the web site. 


2012 Institute Open Day 16 June

DAS intended to bring along their sun scopes to give visitors the opportunity to look at solar activity first hand, but due to the heavy cloud that obscured the sun, they set up a display of photographs and other items such as rocks from space in one of the cabins.

There's something about astronomy that excites the imagination, especially when interpreted by such knowledgeable and enthusiastic people; so it was not surprising that the DAS exhibit was busy right up to closing time.

The Living Field's poster made for the event is shown right and available as a PDF file (164  kb): LF_poster_DASsun_20120719


And here are some of their photographs of the sun, starting with (below) - the sun as seen in H-alpha light showing a prominence,



..... and below left, the sun again viewed in H-alpha light showing prominences and a sun spot; and right, the sun with sunspots, magnified in the lower strip (all Dundee Astronomical Society).


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