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17th May 2013

The sun is low in the sky and the trees are making long shadows - this is one of my favourite times to walk in the woods with Blue.

Sunlight through the trees

16th April 2013

We're still on holiday and I'm fascinated with all of the different flowers but then I see some cheeky sparrows in a palm tree and it's nice to see some familiar faces too!

Yello flower

Sparrows in a palm tree

19th May 2013

Everything is dewy today but I find you can see so much more and I do wonder.....who lives in a house like this?

A spider in its web

17th March 2013

I saw a mouse!  A very bold little Wood Mouse is a new visitor to the place that I feed the birds in my front garden.  It's been cold and he must be very hungry as he'll approach while I'm still putting food out.

Wood mouse

Wood mouse

13th March 2013

There are more snowdrops in the woods than ever before and I love them - my dog Blue waits patiently while I take photo's of them


2nd March 2012

The sparrows were hungry today and fighting over the remains of a fatball hanging in my garden - they put on a great show for me!