The photograph below, looking south, shows the garden from the air in 2006, two years after it was built. The entrance (E) to the garden is by the wooden gate to the right of a notice board. The garden is in two parts separated by a hedge with a gate.

The whole garden is surrounded by a mixed species hedge. The part of the garden to the left or east in the photograph, holds the long term habitats - the older hedges, a few trees (T), a meadow (M), arable field (A), pond (P) and ditch, running into the pond. The areas marked R are used to hold special displays such as dye plants and medicinal plants.


The second part, to the west (W) or right, was added in 2006. It is constructed in four distinct quarters that hold different demonstrations or displays. This west part now contains the observatory, polytunnel for all-weather activities, a plot for cornfield annuals (some years) and (new in 2012) raised beds for displays of forage and wild legumes. The quarter marked S was used in 2006 to grow rare local species for their seed. The Dundee Astronomical Society's observatory is located just above the W in the photograph.

Above the garden across the farm road are cereal plots and below it lie the met site and soft fruit plots.

The garden is well maturing after 9 years. The images below show different parts of it in late May 2013. From top to bottom: across the meadow to flowering woad; close up of the woad; newly planted annual ancient and modern cereals; a view to the pond and ditch showing yellow flag iris and bistort; and last year's cornfield patch reverting to perennial vegetation with the mixed species hedge behind.


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